Pain Relief And Reduced Tossing & Turning

OrthoTemp Mattresses are known to dramatically relieve sleep-time stress in many individuals because they provide such evenly distributed support, that pressure points seem to completely disappear. The secret is in Entropic TRô Foam which has been scientifically formulated to "flow" as it reaches body temperature. It literally molds to your body, so evenly distributing support, that pressure points seem to disappear.When pressure points are relieved, discomfort that can cause tossing and turning is also relieved.

Relief from Back pain also depends on the speed and effectiveness with which support systems respond to body movement. OrthoTemp Mattresses are designed to provide "Dynamically Adaptive Support". They constantly and gently reshape as you move, allowing your spine to achieve its own natural self-alignment, even as you change positions. OrthoTemp Mattresses often allow people to sleep in positions that were previously impossible.

Why Is My Partner Not Disturbed When I Move About Or Leave The Bed?
All foam mattresses are silent, and exhibit whatís called a "Motion Dampening" quality.
OrthoTemp Mattresses were engineered to minimize rebound bounce, and have achieved the ultimate in "Motion Dampening Technology".
OrthoTemp Mattresses donít transmit motion from one person to the other.

Why Can Night-Time Allergies And Asthma Symptoms Be Relieved?

OrthoTemp Mattresses are inherently Hypo-allergenic from the core to their natural coverings, and they also donít support dust mites.
It has long been known that allergy sufferers and asthmatics can benefit from sleeping on foam mattresses.

Why Donít I Have To Rotate Or Flip My OrthoTemp Mattress?

The materials used to produce OrthoTemp Mattresses are of far superior quality to those used in traditional consumer mattreses.
SleepLab Canada (a division of Kates & Co) invented the "No FliP" concept over 30 years ago by using the best materials available (ones which would not break down over the short term). What that meant to our customers was that they owned a long lasting, care free, easy to maintain mattress. First it was the OrthoPlus, and now the OrthoTemp. These Mattresses donít require flipping (or rotating either).
OrthoTemp Foam Mattresses are far lighter than spring and less effort to move.

Why Are OrthoTemp Mattresses More Hygienic?

OrthoTemp Mattresses are made of hygienically superior materials that donít support microbial growth (bacteria, viruses, mold or dust mites)
Also, a Self Ventilating Feature of OrthoTemp causes air to be exchanged throughout the core as you move in bed, keeping the mattress fresh.
Why Don't OrthoTemp Mattresses Feature Convoluted ("egg crate") Layers In Their Design?
Manufacturers offer several explanations for the use of so-called "egg crate foam" in mattresses. Some say it's to provide ventillation, while others promote its luxuriously soft feel.
Foam mattresses are created by integrating millions of macroscopic cells into a matrix which acts like one giant "spring". It is actually the cell walls in that matrix which support your body weight and quality is determined solely by how long a mattress retains its shape and level of performance. Over the life of a mattress, it is the constant stress placed on that cellular matrix which eventually causes mattress failure.
The higher the quality of foam, the greater its longevity.
From an engineering perspective, convolutions actually reduce mattress quality, because added stress is placed on the materials which are left behind when large volumes of the cellular matrix.are removed.
Properly designed foam mattresses "breathe" on their own, and do not require assisted ventilation. Furthermore, far superior technologies exist which will provide a luxurious feel without sacrificing quality.
The Facts . . . Industry insiders know that it's cheaper to produce a mattress with convolute, because less material is being used,
and on large production runs, the savings are considerable. OrthoTemp Mattresses are not convoluted because quality and long term performance are extremely important to us.
Why Are We Seeing These Results? . . . Why All The Praise? . . . Why Is OrthoTemp So Effective?
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