Innovative Sleep Solutions

Custom Compact Sofa Beds & Daybeds That Disassemble


   For over 37 years, Kates & Co has manufactured upholstered products such as;

·  Sofas ·  Sectionals ·  Chairs · Sofa beds ·  Daybeds ·  Ottomans ·  Pouf Sleepers

·  Condo Sleepers ·  Studio Couches ·  Chair Beds ·   And Upholstered Beds


   For the most part we specialized in European-styled “Furniture for Small Spaces” developing very compact sofas and sofa beds perfectly suited for the condo and townhouse market. Of course, room size wasn't always an issue. Clients often had space for large-scale convertible sleepers but insufficient access for delivery. Cheaply made "off the shelf and ready-to-assemble” sofa beds were available but these were quite frankly, disposable products which offered only short-term solutions. Our clientelle sought much higher quality.

It was not uncommon for our staff to negotiate very narrow hallways, mount impossible stairways, or turn extremely tight corners in order to deliver a sofa bed. Once they even stood atop the cargo van so they could deliver a sofa bed up to the second floor . . . a very dedicated but dangerous maneuver!


   The challenge for us was to supply an easily deliverable product while maintaining our extremely high quality standard. We met that challenge and the “E” Class Upholstered Seating System was born. This was a system of sofas, sectionals, lounges, daybeds & convertible sleepers which could be disassembled if necessary. With “E” Class we could now offer the first ever

“Access Guarantee” .

   This meant that if access to the room complied with local building codes, we would build a sofa or sofa bed which could be delivered to the intended room. Challenges did arise, and each time we faced a new obstacle it was overcome by sound design engineering.

Imagine fitting a queen-sized sofa bed through a 10" wide doorway!

We redesigned to very tight tolerances and most of our upholstered products can be manufactured to do just that.  . . .  Well, maybe your problem isn't quite so challenging but now even the most difficult access uncertainty has been eliminated.


OrthoTemp Mattresses  

We also manufacture European-style foam mattresses such as the OrthoTemp  visco-elastic memory foam mattress. The luxurious OrthoTemp Ultra model is custom made and possibly the highest quality mattress available in the consumer marketplace today.


Mattresses & Pillows

We offer a wide range of foam mattress products and pillows. Among the mattress size options are, North American Sizes . . . European Sizes . . . Wall Bed Mattresses . . . and Custom-Sizes


Specialty & Prescription Mattresses

We also produce custom medical application and mattresses for

GURD . . . Obstetrics Ultra Sound Exam . . . Post-Surgical Care . . . Hyatis Hernia . . . Congestive Heart Disease  


Other Products

Kates & Co offers furniture for almost every room in your home . . . Bedroom . . . Dining room . . . Living room . . . Den . . . Home office . . . and  we feature a large collection of kitchen and bar stools, lighting and accessories.


Our Mattress Brands

Orthotemp . . . Orthoplus . . . PosturPlus . . . Flexocell3 . . . Econocell

EuroFlex . . . Reflex 2000


Some Of Our Upholstered Seating Collections

 For the budget conscious, we feature the "Kates CONDO Essentials Collection" with sleep products which offer a high consumer quality and exceptional value but with more limited choice. CONDO Essentials Sleepers start at just $889. (for a convertible chair bed) . 

CONDO Essentials Collection . . . designed for "Quality on a Budget".


Dealer Inquiries Invited

Hospitality, Institutional & Medical Contract Work Welcome

Visit us soon and discover your perfect "Sleep Solution"


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